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Don't follow the trend

Don’t follow the trend – create your own

We all remember the Harlem Shake, bell-bottom pants, and fidget spinners, right? All three came out of nowhere, garnering fame and fortune across the entire internet. Some would say the fidget spinner “broke the internet” and some people’s wallets.

We often times get caught up in our lives that we don’t have time to think outside of the box. While this is often a safety blanket for many, it’s a serious deterrent for many creatives. Find your niche and follow it. Don’t follow a current trend – create your own.

When people (especially creatives who are trying to launch their careers) follow trends and copy what everyone else is doing, it shows to the world that you’re 1) doing it for attention or 2) didn’t take the time to be unique and come up with something more innovative, fun, or inspiring.

I’m constantly receiving new music from publicists and artists around the world, and it really sucks when I get a track that sounds exactly the same as the last three. Each artist offers something unique in the track but the track sounds exactly the same as the last for the most part. I want to hear something ground-breaking, innovative, and next level!

Lastly, it’s a big turn off–especially when you’re shipping out your resume or music–to recruiters, A&R reps, and labels when your content is exactly the same. What advantage would one find in signing or working with someone that’s doing the exact same thing as everyone else? There isn’t an advantage, and that’s why it’s vital that you are working hard to perfect your craft and offer something unique to the world. Find your own niche and create your own trend.

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